The Warrior is a mythical figure in Danasian history, referenced in nearly all of tribal folklore even before the formation of the twenty clans. Many attribute him as the source of most, if not all, of Danasian combat practices and techniques in Kidan.

Variations exist in the telling of his story, but they all share in depicting him as a roaming master of Kidan, fighting any and all who wanted to challenge him. Not once did he lose, though not once did he kill his opponent. In this way, his bested foes, often masters themselves, took what they learned in their duel with him, and passed it on to their respective generations. So vast was his knowledge and ability in Kidan, that he never used the same technique twice in all his duels. Hence, the prolific variants in combat styles began to pop up throughout the continent.

Sometime after the reported battle with the beast that created The Gash, reports of his appearances became scarce, and eventually stopped altogether. To commonly accepted knowledge, he left behind no offspring or disciple.