The Thessan Federation has never known peace. Since the region was first unified, the Grand Duke has ordered constant warfare against the inhabitants of the Abyss. Thessan's armor and weapons are built as heavy as possible to protect soldiers from anything they might encounter on other planes. Thessan smiths incorporate ancient Dwarven techniques and often smith weapons and armor with Empyrean Church emblems or diabolic or angelic motifs in order to strike fear into the hearts of demon-kind.

Martial Melee Weapons

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Armsword 50g 1d8 slashing 3lbs Light
Broadblade 15g 1d6 slashing 3lbs Heavy, Special
Poleaxe 25g 2d4 blugeoning, slashing or piercing 8lbs Heavy, Reach, Two-Handed
Seax 10g 1d6 slashing 1lb Light, Finesse


Thessan swords are commonly enchanted, leading to Thessan's people holding these antiquated swords for generations. Armswords function much like the more modern longswords, and are often used from horseback or with a shield. Unlike a modern longsword, the armswords handle is made short, for one handed use and heavier to balance out the blade's weight. Characters proficient with the armsword may treat it as a longsword for the purpose of any feats.


Broadblades are a type of short sword with a wider than normal blade and crossguard. This widening offers additional defensive capabilities, though not as much as a shield. Characters proficient with the broadblade may treat it as a shortsword for the purpose of any feats.

Special: If you do not attack with the broadblade, you gain +1 AC against melee and ranged weapon attacks until the start of your next turn. This does not stack with AC granted by shields or other weapons.


Seax are also known as a "scramsax" meaning "saved blade" in thortic. In Thessan, nothing goes to waste, even broken swords. One of the most common weapons in Thessan is the seax. The seax is essentially a broken armsword, ground into a sharp point and used in a way similar to a scimitar. A Thessan soldier would consider it honorable to be able to return to combat after being wounded and they often extend that same honor to swords that have been sundered or damaged. Seaxes are regularly gilded or jeweled, adding to the importance of salvaging such a blade.


Name Cost AC Strength Requirement Stealth Weight Properties
Tower Shield 30g +2 14 Disadvantage 45lbs Special

Tower Shield

A massive shield, nearly 6 feet in height. These shields were commonplace once, but are seen by some as antiquated and rarely seen in the 5th age. They are still regularly used by the armies of Thessan while battling on the lower planes.

Special: You gain disadvantage on all attack rolls with non Light weapons

Special: When you use your turn to take the Dodge action, you gain Half Cover