Basic Information
Aliases "Treh'Vor the Human"
Home Wanderer
Former home(s) Sunnuth
Gender Male
Race Half-Dragon
Class Monk
Patron Unex
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Favorite item Unknown

Treh'Vor is a blind and delusional monk obsessed with proselytizing for his god Unex. Unex, as described by Treh'Vor is an "old god" and creator of mankind. His claims that few know of Unex because the Empyrean church chose to hide this information from the public often fell on deaf ears. Treh'Vor was raised by human cultists in Sunnuth and is under the belief that he himself is a human. His order considers it a personal violation to come into physical contact with any other persons and as a result, Treh'Vor has never touched another person before. He believes that all humans have scales, tales and claws, but thinks it's impolite to talk about such things.