The city of Ulferveil is a city in Western Thessan. Ulferveil is an oligarchy of three wealthy merchants and noblemen known as the Lords of Ulfer whom govern the city exclusively in the interests of commerce, while a small but wealthy aristocracy steadfastly supports the oligarchy’s economic and political agendas. Militia troops remain largely confined to the city’s wealthy wards, while outside of the opulent mansions and estates of the privileged few, the vast and impoverished underclass endlessly toils in squalor, barely eking out a miserable existence. Rows of aging and decaying tenement apartments occupy most of the city’s lower wards, complemented by a wide assortment of unsavory and anarchic taverns, inns, black market shops, and bordellos. Without the city militia to patrol the lower wards, gangs of ruthless and corrupt vigilantes battle for de facto control of the lawless streets. In addition, teams of spies and paid informants living within the lower wards have been known to snuff uprisings and rebellions against the oligarchy. However, in most cases the spies refer subversive activities to the city’s militia, in order to maintain their anonymity.

Lords of Ulfer

The city is ruled by a council of three ruling members, called the Lords of Ulfer. These members are appointed by the merchant and noble families of the city.

late in the fourth age, the Lords of Ulfer were: Lady Kelym Wynst, Lord Wulfgral Vollund, and Lord Baldrig Skarrim

Justice System

Officially, all justice is administered by the city militia under the direct control of the Lords of Ulfer. No courts or trials are held aside from an occasional hearing before the lords. Militia commanders and deputies act on their own volition with the authority of the Lords and are free to meet out justice as they see fit. In actuality, the militia has little control over much of the city, where warring vigilante gangs administer punishments to those that offend them.