The Umbrial Plane, also known as the Feyscape, the Ghost Realm, or the Plane of Shadows was a transitional plane that existed parallel to the Material and Lucidial Planes.

Much of the Umbrial plane was a twisted reflection of the Material plane and was populated primarily by dead creatures such as ghosts, specters, and other undead who crossed into this realm from the overlapping Stygian Marsh of Limbo and chose to live in this realm rather than their respective afterlives. There were however, numerous other inhabitants, such as communities of fey, hags, tengu, the prisoners of Tartarus.[2]

Traveling through the Umbreal Plane is riskier than doing so in its twin, the Lucidial plane, due to the presence of its hostile inhabitants, but if a person had withstand the endless night and clawing shadows, they find that the Feyscape proves to be much faster and more reliable.



The Forest of Stars

The City of Shra