Basic Information
Aliases Herald of the Emperor

God of Mankind

The Pervader

Patron of Half-Men

Pantheon Unknown
Home Unknown
Former home(s) Jiang Jilin
Gender Unknown
Race Vashar Mutant,

Formerly Human

Class Unknown
Portfolio Reproduction

Human Superiority Deformation

Primary Cleric Domain Life
Secondary Cleric Domains Arcane
Holy symbol Deformed Human Skull
Date of birth Unknown
Date of accension Unknown
Date of death Unknown

Level Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Favorite item Unknown
The creature known as Unex is a mysterious creature whose history is deeply intertwined with Jilin and the Seraphim. As an agent of the emperor, Unex was tasked with weakening the races of giants, turning their newly created human servants against them. At the dawn of humanity, it was Unex that imbued mankind with highly mutable generations, swift propagation, and the ability to interbreed with a unrelated creatures. Under the guise of a seventh seraphim, It set itself up as the god of mankind and worked to encourage humans to rebel, murder and interbreed with giants in an effort to strengthen themselves and weaken the Empyrean Empire, allowing the Vashar to more easily overthrow them.

Unex's power has waned as Jilin's has, barely able to maintain a presence in Ord in later ages. The Pervader, as it is known to some has mostly slithered into obscurity, known only in small cults in the later ages.

The Herald of the Emperor travels the world in mortal guise, using what little power it has to sow chaos in the hearts of men, at some times promoting violence and human supremacy, at others advocating inter-species coupling in an effort to dilute the power of elves, giants and dragons.