The City of Ulferveil sits atop a craggy hill on the eastern end of the Wolves Mouth Fjord in Western Thessan. A central feature of the city of Ulferveil, the Still-Mind asylum is renowned throughout the region for its innovative treatments of addiction, insanity and other mental disorders. Still-Mind Asylum’s reputation has been rapidly decreasing lately as unsettling rumors of macabre and barbaric practices spread throughout the community. Throughout the city, criminal gangs take advantage of a skeletal crew of city guards and militia who rarely venture out of the wealthy districts while vigilante groups strike fear into the lower wards in an effort to maintain order.

Suggested Adventure Hooks

Lost Uncle

The adventure’s events commence shortly after one of the party’s human characters receives an urgent letter from his mother. The letter explains that the character’s mother believes that her brother Ulrik, currently a patient at Still-Mind Asylum, is in grave danger. A month ago, during her last visit, Ulrik confessed to her that he had a great secret. Since then, her efforts to contact Ulrik have been rebuffed by the asylum’s staff. Her last correspondence with the asylum informed her that Ulrik’s visiting privileges have been revoked indefinitely. She desperately begs her child to investigate the asylum and assure her of Ulrik’s safety.

Missing Noblewoman

The Lords of Ulfer have been searching for a party of individuals to perform a clandestine mission on their behalf. One of their number, Kelym Wynst a woman of keen wit and suspicious mind–had been expressing negative opinions of Still-Mind Asylum’s reputability as well as open hostility towards local criminal gangs, and has subsequently been discovered missing. The remaining Lords send one of their agents, a woman called Breas Norgaard to put out a call for capable people on their behalf.


With the majority of Ulferveil’s troops and militia busy protecting the upscale parts of the city, The Lords of Ulfer are sometimes forced to hire parties of adventurers to perform various tasks elsewhere within Ulferveil’s walls. This is the case when a city official, Torfinn Val, sent out an offer of employment. He needs to inspect the asylum and wishes the party to accompany him for security reasons. He is looking for reputable mercenaries, not locals who may be affiliated with local gangs or vigilante groups. He offers to pay the party 500 gp per person.