The party finally settle in for some well deserved rest in the Monastery of the Resolute. They know that come the morning, one of Ravana's portals will appear and they must be ready for a showdown with the rakshasa. They stay up late into the night preparing a perfect attack strategy. At dawn, with a swirl of sizzling sparks, the portal opens in the courtyard. The party step into the portal, with a plan to take the fiend head on.

The portal fizzles away behind them. They find themselves, not in Ravana's throneroom, but in a similarly sized octaginal room. All eight walls are make of multicoloured stain glass, soldered with what looks like gold. The only other feature in this room, a large blue bottle on a pedestal. One thought is shared by everyone.


Several minutes into the investigation, Jin determines that there are no traps. He lifts the bottle off the pedistal. It feels lighter than he expected. Peering deep into the blue glass, they see a tiny model city. Unable to see thgouth the dark blue glass, Jin wants to get a better look and opens the bottle.

Smoke pours from the vessel and suddenly they all feel like they are swimming. The room around them disappears and for a moment, they are weightless. Their feet finally touch solid ground as their vision clears and they find themselves bathed in brilliant sunlight atop a sandstone zigguraut.

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