The party stand there for a moment, dazed. Looking around they find themselves atop a massive white stone zigguraut with a sprawling city beneath them. The sun sits directly above them and the smooth glassy sky confirms their suspicions. They are inside the bottle. Walking up the zigguraut is a young woman in coloured robes. She greets them with a long and drawn out bow as guests of the god-king, beckoning them to follow her. As they walk down the staircases, they notice that the zigguraut seems to be supported on a series of stone pillars. The darkness below it seems to stare back as they peer into it, but they move on quickly, following the girl closely.

As the young woman escorts them through the streets they are met by dozens of tiefling traders aggressivly selling their goods, mostly baubles and treasure. This city seems overwhelmed by gold, but not a single living plant is in sight. The party bombard the young woman with question after question before realizing that she has an iron collar around her neck. She admits that she is a slave of the Rakshasa lords, and was tasked with showing the guests the wonders of the city and finding them a place where they may be comfortable. She leads them to the edge of the glittering city, to a sparsely furnished home where she says they will be safe to rest at any time.

She warns the party to move through the city with caution. She warns them of two places in particular, the zigguraut, and the Pool of Flame. She informs them that the pool is where those who left return, but says little else. She turns to go, leaving the party to their own devices.

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