The plains of the Ganquii Prefecture are home to more Korobokuru and Guaiwog than any other region of Danasia. The party find themselves in a tranquil twilight meadow, the only sound is the rising flood of cricket chirps. Finellen's urge to travel North is nearly overwhelming as she peers towards her families ancient homeland, wondering how her sons are faring in this time of strife. The party find little comfort in the peaceful region. On the horizon, looming over the mountains, a large dark cloud hangs ominously and the rivers and streams around them flow jet black. Kimchiwei suddenly remembers a story from his youth.

There was once a great giant who caused a massive flood. He was eventually stopped by a youthful hero and his magical tortoise. The hero used a magical substance to block up 233,559  springs, the sources of the flood waters, creating a large mountain range in the process. Some accounts state that the giant was killed when he ate the tortoise carrying a jar of the magical substance called xirang. The giants body was cast upon the mountainside and hos skeletal remains have been there ever since. What the substance is, or how to create it is beyond Kim's knowledge.

With the Sun's Touch Gada's magic replenished, they teleport back to the library in the Monastery of the Resolute, to research the source of this strange storm and the ghostly giant that may have caused it. Kimchiwei's portal takes the party back to the Monastery.

The courtyard is quiet, too quiet. As darkness engulfs the garden, the portal vanishes into a puff of smoke. From within the library a large armored figure swathed in violet and gold approaches, dropping several scrolls on the ground as he does.

Violet Knave

"Ah... yesss... itsss the traitorsss who killed the high priessst. We were wondering when you would return. We are here for the bag, nothing elssse. Drop your weaponsss and you will be unssscathed. Our Violet Queen approachesss."

Circling around each side of the building are two similar figures riding horrifying horse sized reptiles. Lightning crackles between their ivory spikes before discharging in a rippling wave across the garden and venomous blades slice into the parties flesh. The Violet Knave pulls back his wide brimmed cap revealing his reptilian features before breathing a cone of ruby fire over the crippled party, setting the abandoned library and monastery alight.

Violet Knave

"You can not defeat the Violet Queen. Oni Xungo will be free from the bag and the world will burn in dragonfire again. As for me, dragons do not live with failure."

He throws himself into the raging inferno. Finellen and Irome help the rest of the party to their feet. They stand and watch their monastery burn for a moment before escaping into the night.

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