The Infinite Suns is making their way across Danasia. Without the Sun's Touch Gada and the Bottle of Kaseraksa, Ravana is slowed, but not stopped. The party weigh their options before settling on a plan. They travel to an unpopulated area on the border of the Spectre Badlands and set down the flying carpet. Glashael and Bor stand guard over Kimchiwei as Finellen gives him the 6 demon bag. Kim waves the Gada and opens a portal into the bottled city of Kaseraksa and Finellen, Irome, Jin, Hauri and Rodent-Sky dive through.

Rodent-Sky immediately slinks off, knowing her role to spread the word to the humans that a portal to the outside will be opening in a deserted alleyway. Irome and Hauri split off to inform the lich Ongbozhin to begin his assault on the rakshasa lords. Finellen and Jin remove a single grain of the powerful xirang from its air-tight capsule. Wrapping it in cloth, they put it into the claws of a summoned bird and instruct it to fly into the rakshasa's Pool of Flame. Several minutes pass as they take up hidden perches to watch for approaching enemies.

Kaseraksan slaves begin to trickle through the portal, slowly at first, but it quickly becomes a mob, trampling and shoving their way through the sparking doorway. Jin spots several in the crowd with rakshasa blood, but none that appear hostile. A sudden thunderous crack shakes the entire city as a mountainous boulder hundreds of meters wide suddenly bursts fourth from the Pool of Flame in the center of town, crushing buildings into sand. In the distance, smoke rises from the zigguraut, signaling that the battle between the lich's ghoul army and the rakshasa lords has begun.

The party direct the slaves to freedom, noticing the approach of armored tieflings and a golden-clad pureblood. They must hold the portal for as long as they can.

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