Something is wrong. Despite the fact that it is late summer, a frigid wind blows in from the sea. The party take refuge in the Jade Lady once again and Kim's cousin Shibowei angrily demands compensation for the horses they lost. During the night, Kim wanders the village, unphased by the chill wind. He takes note of several deceased vagrants before heading back to the Jade Lady.

The streets of Mungu suffer under the summer snow storm

The next day, brings a bitter cold. The party notice shops closed and stores boarded up. Throngs of people surround the Carcerum of the Heir of Eo, who are providing as much warmth and food as they can. Hauri uses his skills as a chef to feed as many people as possible and repay the priests of Azogun with a great meal. Hoping that it may be able to help in any way it can, Plort reveals that he has the ability to transmute iron into living flesh, but the party do not find that comforting.

The coming dawn brings no warmth to the city, only a cold fog which settles around the coast. The party suspect the Hand of Thrym may have escaped the tomb of Yongmunguwan. Not knowing how they would kill such a demon, they go to the only people who might know more about the bag, the Monastery of the Resolute.

Screams pierce the silent cold, and the party run toward the monastery and out of the chilling fog. Dim, cool sunlight shines through the monastery windows, several of the temple clerks are splayed across the floor, with severe burns and fresh sword cuts. Several figures wearing gaudy golden armor turn to attack the party, gilded talwars whistling through the air with skill. Their attacks are masterful and coordinated. As they fall, one summons reinforcements through a bright and fiery portal, but even with these reinforcements the party prove to be too powerful. One of their casters spells backfires and all four of their limbs fly off. He hits the ground stunned and is the only survivor of the battle.

The party manage to save several of the dying monks, one of which introduces himself and reveals the identity of the attackers.

Loremaster Tenjinwang

"They are the Infinite Sun , an army thought destroyed millennia ago. They could only have returned if their Rakshasa masters have returned. Fortunately a crippled westerner warned us of their possible return. We have hidden most of our texts on the Infinite Sun as well as texts regarding the 6 Demon Bag, and awaited his return."

The party let out a sigh of relief, but wonder who the crippled westerner could be.

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