Vadim Stanislav
Basic Information
Aliases Unknown
Home Castle Morților
Former home(s) Unknown
Gender Male
Race Human, Heratan
Class Wizard


Patron Morrigan
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Favorite item Unknown
Vadim was the second eldest son of House Stanislav early in the 5th age. Many believe that his is a cursed house and that they have an aura of death around them. Some thought that his mother, with her peculiar ways, was a dhampir, others believed the family were dark sorcerers sacrificing small children for their feasts and rituals, but these rumors held little truth to them. In one instance the family was blamed for strange occurrences that had wracked the village of Longcrossing. Luckily rational minds came in and explained that the lich Funiku Dorobo was actually to blame. Either way, other than official duties they do not venture outside their castle without need, which is why Vadim’s wanderlust makes him the odd one out.

He ventured out into the world wondering himself why their family was so cursed, but after he ventured through their own lands and the surrounding lands without any confirmation, he went further. His mother suggested that he visit her homeland when he was at the end of his journey. She didn’t give much reason, but she wished her family to meet him and how could he tell his mother no. Yet her land was far away. A place that didn’t have much known about it, and is said to be cast in a constant cloud. She sent words to expect him, and so somewhere on the other side of the world they wait patiently.