Sir Valdemar Wynst
Basic Information
Aliases Unknown
Home Mungu's Wall Village
Former home(s) Wynstport, Thessan
Gender Male
Race Human, Thessan
Class Paladin
Patron Empyrean
Date of birth 112 V
Date of death 158 V
Age 44
Level 6
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Favorite item Unknown

Valdemar Wynst is a dignitary representing the Wynst family trading assets in Danasia. His business with the city of Mungu has suffered since the current Dan ceased trading with Western nations. He is a hard and short tempered man who rarely takes visitors.

Over the past several months, Valdemar has fought off several advances on his daughter Kari by Yanweijin. Just prior to his daughter's kidnapping, he ordered his guards to beat Yan and drive him out of town.

Valdemar was killed alongside his daughter when Yan and Kari were cornered in a cave outside of Mungu.