Vish Maharshi
Basic Information
Aliases The Kaseraksa Genie
Home Kaseraksa
Former home(s) Unkown
Gender Male
Race Djinn
Class Unknown
Patron Unknown
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Favorite item Unknown
Vish Maharshi is the father of Vish Ravana. He is a djinn bound to the bottle of Kaseraksa and original ruler of the city. His power over the bottle has waned since his son's corruption took hold in the form of the Pool of Flame. His power extends over only a small oasis in the desert outside of the city.

Maharshi made a pact with several adventurers trapped within the bottle, to assist them in defeating his own son. The plan was to break the bottle, release the city and give up his own life to remove Ravana's immortality.

Ravana's Wishes

His last master was his own son, Ravana, who made two of his three wishes.

Wish 1 - A wish for irrefutable commands. Ravana's voice carries enchantments over the minds of mortals. His words can influence minds similar to the charm spells

Wish 2 - A wish to know and touch all places under the sun. Maharshi created the Sun's Touch Gada to fulfill his son's wish.

Jin's Wish

Jin made a wish during the events of Kaseraksa's slave revolt.

Wish 1 - Jin wished for Maharshi to cast the fly spell on his companions and humans fleeing Kaseraksa. This allowed Jin and his companions to chase down Bor Mudmantle who was attempting to steal the 6 Demon Bag, and assisted them in defeating the Ma Shihun who was released during these events..