The Warblade of Azel is an relic of the forest folk. It was originally a gift given to the semi-mythical folk-hero Azel by the dwarves as they sealed their ancient city Kolzamor and migrated West into Thessan. The sword was ceremonial to the dwarves and is much too large for a dwarf to comfortably wield it. Legend says that the sword is part of a statue, and may even serve as a key to opening a secret passage into the kingdom under the mountain.

The Warblade of Azel has seen much use in its existence. Appearing as a mundane cold-iron greatsword, the warblade grows in strength as its wielder forms a bond with it.

The warblade was best known by its wielders, Na'Azel'Leth, a descendant of Azel, and Yggritte, one of the Yupik'yod.



This sword is massive, being over 2 meters in length. The sheer size alone prevents most from wielding it, let alone the weight. A character who attempts to attack without attunement will receive disadvantage on their attack rolls due to the mass of the sword. Characters who attune to the weapon find it suddenly light and comfortable, roughly the same weight as a regular greatsword.


The sword seems to seek demonic blood and thrums with might if demons approach within 30 feet.

Battle Fury

The sword grows more powerful the longer you fight and gains additional stats for each round you consecutively attack with it. These bonuses are added at the end of your turn. Pausing for a single round will take it back one step.



1 None
2 +1 to attack and damage
3 +1 to attack and damage, +1d6 thunder damage
4 +2 to attack and damage, +1d6 thunder damage
5 +2 to attack and damage, +1d6 thunder damage, +1d6 radiant damage
6 +3 to attack and damage, +1d6 thunder damage, +1d6 radiant damage
7 +3 to attack and damage, +2d6 thunder damage, +2d6 radiant damage