Basic Information
Aliases the Void Speaker
Pantheon Temporal, Draconic
Home The Void, Material Plane
Former home(s) Ord
Gender Male
Race Dragon
Class Mystic
Portfolio Secrets, The Unknown, Madness
Primary Cleric Domain Knowlege
Secondary Cleric Domains Light, Magic
Holy symbol None
Date of birth Unknown
Date of accension Unknown
Date of death Unknown

Level Unknown
Alignment Neutral
Favorite item Unknown
Xiaghaenyr is a name known only to a few living beings in Ordspace.  The few that know the name are dragons and the rare humanoid who are plagued with his call to the void.  Xiaghaenyr takes the form of a massive void dragon dwelling in the void between realms and other worlds.  He identifies himself as a giver of knowledge, a benevolent teacher of powerful magics which can only be learned once the material realms and thoughts have been abandoned.  It is through this release that he promises arcane power greater than any other existing in the multiverse.

Through the ages, only a few dragons have attempted to reach Xiaghaenyr by flying up through the void, but none have ever returned or made any contact with civilized society.  This resulted in the name being strictly taboo; he is generally referred to as the void speaker.  Xiaghaenyr’s greatest power is that he can actually bestow knowledge to those who are willing to listen.  To Dragon’s and Humanoids, he has been known to give small fragments of knowledge at a diminished capacity while in the material plane.  This knowledge is generally unusable unless the user finds a clearer connection to the void.

Cleric Domains

KnowledgeDom DarknessDom ArcaneDom