Basic Information
Aliases Yan the Thief
Home Mungu Port City


Former home(s) Oldan


Gender Male
Race Human, Danasian
Class Fighter
Patron Kidan
Date of birth 141 V
Date of death Unknown
Age 16
Level 3
Alignment Neutral
Favorite item Unknown

Yan was a young man living in Mungu early in the 5th age.

He bears a heavy bruise over his left eye, the result of a run in with Valdemar Wynst's guards shortly before the kidnapping of Valdemar's daughter Kari.

Yanweijin is a member of clan Wei, although his relation to his family is unknown.

After Kari and her father Valdemar were killed, Yan joined a party of adventurers against his father Khangweizhin's newly discovered plans. He eventually attempted to steal the 6 Demon bag for himself in a nihilistic effort to avenge his beloved Kari. He was killed in the process.

When the warlord Quarion Winterhand was released from the bag, Yan was one of the corpses reanimated to hold the party at bay. He was destroyed a final time by the party before the city was drowned in the ocean.