Yggritte Shay
Basic Information
Aliases Yggritte of Yod

Lady Shay

Dervish queen

Pantheon Unknown
Home Unknown
Former home(s) The Yodwood
Gender Female
Race Half elven

1/2 Human,(Yupik'yod)

1/4 Copper elf

1/4 Gold elf

Class Barbarian / Paladin
Portfolio Grace, Haste, Protection
Primary Cleric Domain Unknown
Secondary Cleric Domains Unknown
Holy symbol Bound Scimitars
Date of birth 851 IV
Date of accension 22 V
Date of death

Level Hero deity
Alignment Chaotic good
Favorite item Unknown

Yggritte was born into a clan of nomads in Yod. She was the second of the 5 daughters of a chieftain and his elven wife, who died of illness when Yggritte was 8 years old. She would later discover that her mother was the daughter of Arundel Shay, Lord Steward of Findle. Yggritte and her sisters were drawn into their grandfather's plot to disrupt the resurrection of Valotha, who required an elven or half-elven girl to be her new vessel. His intention was to use the girls as bait to draw out dark elven cultists, but his plans were often routed by Yggritte and her companions' efforts to find and protect her sisters, however, her eldest sister, Eilara, defected to the dark elves and used stolen chronomancy from a page of Hellslay's Spellbook to unravel the material plane in a nihilistic bid for revenge.

Few survived the catastrophic event. Details of what followed are vague, but ultimately, it is known that a small group, including Yggritte, were able to revert the world to its original state. Arundel Shay disappeared and Yggritte took his position as head of house Shay and Steward of Findle. She used Arundel's journals to track down and restore Pahlin Holt as the King of Findle, becoming a popular and influential figure in Findle society. She later married Steintor Drakeson, the governor of Tus and had seven children.

Her reputation as a champion of the people grew out of her tireless efforts to defend and empower the less fortunate. A small but steadily growing cult emerged not long after the restoration of the material plane, becoming more popular during the wars with Danasia, when Yggritte lead the defense of Olgun Quisir. As a devotee of Lugun, Yggritte upheld the tenants of the Empyrean Church, but found that she could not dismiss the strength and clarity that her followers said her example inspired within them. The Spark of Ardor found its way to her some time after a temple was erected in her honor several miles South of Sunuth. Another was built by pilgrims in the Northern wastes, near her ancestral home in Yod. Yggritte, now known as the Dervish Queen, spends her time roaming between her temples, leading her followers against tyranny defending pilgrims against goblin-kin invasions and inspiring the meek.

She is a rival of the Daern, leading her followers by example and inspiration as opposed to the Cult of Scro's manipulation.

She is the current carrier of the Spark of Ardor.

She wields the Warblade of Azel, a relic of the Forest Folk warrior Yod Na'Azel'Leth, as well as several scimitars.


The Warblade of Azel. An ancient coldiron greatsword forged by dwarves in the second age.