The misty lands of Yod cover an area North of Green lake and spreading from Gin'Oth to the East to the Helmstadt Valley to the West. The sparse population of this region live nomadic lives following game, herding livestock, or raiding other settlements.

This region was native to a unique culture and people. The Forest Folk of Yod were an alliance of several clans of humanoids who manage to put aside racial differences and unite against outside forces.

Late in the third age, several small copper elf clans left their homes following the druid Arlenna Ambereye, rejecting the boisterous nature of their kind in the Silver Reach, these elves sought an ascetic lifestyle and called the Yodwood their home for several generations. This small group of elves would be known as the mist elves by the nearby human villages. During the fourth age they came into conflict with the Forest Folk and the barbarian tribes of Yod, many chosing to leave the Yodwood to avoid conflict. Those few remaining chose a hermetic life, tending the chorus trees and other sacred sites.

Several human barbarian tribes called this place home, some preying on the farms and villages near Greenville. In the fifth age, king Pahlin Holt put an end to the barbarian raiding, anexing Greenville into the Kingdom of Findle and hiring the barbarian tribes to fight in the Second War of WIngs.

Yod has produced a number of notable adventurers in the past including Yggritte the Dervish,Chimi ChagnaYod Na'Azel'Leth, and Saangrid Bearscar.