Basic Information
Aliases The Holy Dragon
Home Mungu

City of the Holy Dragon

Former home(s) unknown
Gender Male
Race Bronze Dragon
Class Monk
Patron Unknown
Date of birth unknown
Date of death Sometime early in the 3rd Age.
Age Great Wyrm
Level Epic
Alignment Neutral Good
Favorite item unknown

Yongmu was an ancient bronze dragon and competator in Xorvental, the great game of dragons. His domain included much of the Western shore of Danasia. Over the ages, Yongmunguwan grew weary of the great game and became more invested in the lives of his followers. He grew very protective and supportive, granting minor clerical abilities and blessings to even the common people. He became known as the Holy Dragon and his followers became ardent worshipers. In the third age, his kingdom of Munguan was attacked by the Army of the Violet Queen, lead by the warlord Oni Xungo. The attack was repelled, but at great cost and soon after the kingdom was surrendered to human lords. The holy dragon receded from history, sequestering himself in his underwater palace, believing that his presence in the territory would attract villains and monsters seeking the dragons treasure.